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We are a Full Service Interior Design- Construction firm

Specializing in comprehensive interior detailing and space planning.

Our team

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Juan Cortes

Senior Project Manager

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Carlos Cortes

General Contractor

Our story

CP Construction was created in 2004 with the purpose to offer a variety of services which meet all needs of the construction market. Our goal is to accompany our customers from the initial stage to the final completion of the project, while honoring all the necessary steps.

A solid project design along with appropriate and balanced architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical, and plumbing consulting facilitates the observance of regulations to obtain licenses and to start a proper construction or remodeling site with a qualified Site Management and, at the same time, coordinated with Interior Design services in order to provide an ideal product at the best value.

Our partners

We have been working, in joint venture, on several projects, and endeavor to satisfy the customer who wants to recommend his own designer according to his style. In this way, we had the opportunity to work with very experienced designers, known on an international scale, such as:

Miguel Angel González Cure

Briggs Edward Solomon

Rafaela Simoes & Laila Frant

Antonio Tadrissi

Adriana Hoyos – Designer
Miami | Quito

Quintanilla Arquitectos – Designer
Mexico D.F.

Andrea Chicharo – Designer
Rio de Janeiro

Meyer Davis – Designer
New York


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Carlos Cortes in Miami, FL on Houzz
Carlos Cortes in Miami, FL on Houzz


Carlos Cortes in Miami, FL on Houzz
Carlos Cortes in Miami, FL on Houzz

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